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You've decided you want to own a unique, handmade titanium bike. Here's the deal:

Frame & Fork

You discuss with me whether it should be a PBBL or a TRL. The geometry of these two bikes is predetermined and is only adjusted to your body mass. The fork and stem are included in these two types because these are crucial for the dimensions of the internal cable routing and height of the fork.This package is for3,800 CHF to have.

In this deal, the frame is glass blasted and receives the iconic 3D printed stainless steel headbadge.


You want to be able to mount additional bottle holder eyelets on your frame or a luggage rack. Instead of internally, you want the cables to be routed traditionally outside. No problem. The additional effort is charged at 120 CHF/h. For example, it will take an hour to complete two additional eyelets. Ask and I can send you a detailed offer.


If you want your new bike to show its colors, easypeasy. I can ceramic coat the entire frame, parts of it, fork or stem. The choice of colors is somewhat limited, but everything is rock-solid with this type of coating. Depending on the design, you can expect costs of 600 upwards.

One-off production

You have a clear idea of what you want your bike to look like. A different head angle or longer chainstays (so you can mount mudguards, for example...)? That is also possible. Based on the basic price for the frame set with fork, I will calculate the exact price for you. You can expect an additional charge of around 1000 CHF, which includes meetings and the redesign of the frame geometry.

Complete bikes

Do you want a fully assembled bike? Let's discuss all the components and create a detailed offer. Maybe you already have parts that you want to install again? Also works. If you bring parts yourself, there will be an assembly fee of500 CHFDue if I get all the parts for you, this will of course not apply. On day For a complete bike you have to7000 CHFcalculate depending on the components you choose.

Order process

As soon as you have decided - after our discussions - on a custom frame or a complete bike, a deposit of1000 CHFdue. This puts you on the waiting list and will give you a delivery date. IKeep yourself up to date with the creation process and you are welcome to look over my shoulders while I work on your frame. As soon as production begins, payment for the components is due, and the remaining payment is due upon delivery. Expect a production time of 3-4 months. 




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