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With the PBBL you get a bike that can do almost everything. Fast laps on gravel, pebbles (pebbles) or simply on the forest path behind your house. Nothing stands in the way of an adventure lasting several days. There are eyelets for anything cages on the fork and attachment points can be mounted on the entire frame according to your wishes so that bags, luggage racks and bottles have the right place.

The PBBL is characterized by very agile driving behavior. A slightly longer top tube combined with a shorter stem ensure a very direct feeling on the bike. All cables are completely routed in the frame. On the one hand, this results in a perfect look, and a cable cover never gets in your way if you want to mount handlebar or frame bags. The frame is compatible with almost all common drive systems for gravel bikes. It's exactly the bike you'd love to take out of the basement without even knowing which paths await you on your tour.

The frame triangle is welded from double butted Ti3al2.5v titanium tubes, the rear triangle is made from heat-treated titanium tubes with continuous wall thickness. This combination creates just the right mix of stiffness and flex so that you can ride for miles without worry.

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