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Each frame is prepared and built by hand in my workshop. By selecting the right titanium tubes, cutting and weldingand the finish creates a unique piece of craftsmanship.

Each frame tube is selected individually. Come in the front frame triangledouble buttedTubes are used, which means that the tubes in the middle part are thinner-walled than at the ends, where they are joined to the other frame tubes. This gives the frame the necessary rigidity and the desired flex.

Chain and seat stays are bent by hand. This allows the frame to be adjusted exactly to the desired tire width and the selected drive components.

The pipes are cut to size and adapted to one another based on the desired geometry. This process requires the utmost attention. The pipe connections must have the highest precision so that they can be welded.

Before all the pipes become the frame, further detailed work follows. Eyelets for bottle holders, openings for internal cable routing or soldered parts for luggage racks are attached. Here too, there are almost no limits to what you can wish for.

And then the welding system is turned on and a unique titanium frame is created from individual tubes.




As soon as the frame is completely welded, which is calleddouble passProcedure happens (each weld seam is first joined with the existing material and then in a second welding processfillerfilled up), it's time to finish.

The frame is straightened, the surface is refined as desired, the bearing seats are milled and all threads are retightened.

And finally, the frame becomes a bicycle by assembling the desired components.


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